How to improve our writing – part 9

How to improve our writing – part 9

How could you make your novel irresistible?

Here are a few proven ways how to keep your readers’ attention and how to make your writing irresistible.

1. Excite curiosity

Provoke the reader to feel interest. Uncover a secret, or on the contrary: create mystery. However, make sure that those sensational elements really lead to consequences later in the story.

2. Never finish at the end

Try not to close the chain of events at the end of a section. This makes it easier for the reader to finally put the book down. In fact, in my opinion it is not only not worth closing it, but it is highly advisable to let off some information inciting suspense or generating excitement at the end of the section.

3. Start in the middle and arrive in the middle

Who said that you could only begin new action at the beginning of a chapter? If you can insert into a chapter a subsection with another plot, which only ends in the following chapter, do so. It would only enrich the main plot.

4. Leave open questions

I have already referred to the exciting finish in point 2. It could equally be exciting if you draw up burning questions, and then leave them open. For the time being, or forever.

5. Do not forget to reminded people

From time to time, allow your readers to recall the problem that your characters are fighting, or the trouble they’ve run into, or the goal they want to attain.

6. Don’t forget about the evil either

If you already have a wicked character, use it! Intersperse the story with it, keep it in the reader’s mind, and remind them of the intentions of the evil, while also of the fears of the hero opposed to it.

7. Respect that which is unavoidable

Remember that some things of which the reader has premonitions have to happen. No sudden miracle that might prevent it needs to happen because that would be trite and unrealistic.

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