How to improve our writing? – part 5

How to improve our writing? – part 5

Why movies are better than books? We all know the answer: movies are faster. 

Watching a 2 hours long action or horror movie, you can experience so much more than reading a book for two hours. Some people would hate reading one book only – no matter how exciting it is, yet these people tend to watch the same movie 2 or 3 times. How can this be possible? 

The answer is simple. Movies and films don’t make your imagination work as hard as books. When you watch a movie, your brain doesn’t have to create pictures, dream various scenes and persons. You see them in a „ready for use” form. So what could we do, in order to chain readers to our story? Write cinematically! Try to think like a camcorder, try to think in pictures. Language gives you so many possibilities to express an idea. 

Here is an example from one of my novels:

„How many of them were familiar with textile land, where the plains are covered in green cambric, and where brown crepe mountains stretch to an azure corduroy sky? Where sapphire poplin rivers embrace quiet moleskin forests and where dirty-white plush lambs graze around felt huts?” ( The Good, the Bad and the Beast)

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